AXIA Coin Staking – now live!

Stake and Earn

Staking involves delegating AXIA Coin outside of the circulating supply for a fixed period of time for a fixed return, all of which is done through AXIA Capital Bank.

Most importantly, these staking rewards are compounded daily. This can lead to very rewarding rates of return. The longer you stake your AXIA Coin, the high Rate of Rewards you’ll receive. Just set your rate, sit back and watch your account grow in order to build your wealth up over time.

Staking Pays

AXIA Capital Bank offers staking terms ranging from a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 24. Through staking, you can generate an APR of up to 192% on your AXIA Coin holdings. Because the daily rewards are compounded, longer terms are much more advantageous; good things come to those who wait.

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AXIA Staking Program - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is staking?

Staking is the process of delegating a fixed amount of your AXIA Coins out of circulation for a specified length of time. In exchange, you can earn rewards based on the amount you wish to stake and the length of time you choose to stake for.

What does APR mean?

A: Annual Percentage Reward. This is the Rate of Rewards that you will receive for staking. For example, if you stake 1000 AXIA Coins at an APR of 192% that is compounded daily over 24 months, you have 45,939.30 AXIA Coins at the end of the term if there was no movement on price; the original deposit, plus the 192% APR you generated through staking that is compounded daily.

What if there is a change in price in the coin/token?

With AXIA Coin, if the value increases relative to USD, then the value of the rewards you accumulated to date increases by the same amount. If the value decreases then you would receive more rewards based on the lower value. With AXIA Coin you benefit from the increase in value and receive a hedge against a decrease in value.

Are there any benefits to staking outside of the APR?

Yes. By removing your coins from circulation, you provide strength to the network which has the potential to generate greater value. You will also still earn the same amount back even if that currency has increased in value over time. Therefore, there is the potential to receive multiple benefits at the same time.

Furthermore, whenever a coin is added to the pool of AXIA Coins staked, an equivalent amount is also taken from the Total Supply to be burned. This creates even more scarcity, which provides value for yourself and all others in the ecosystem simultaneously.

Why are longer terms more favorable?

The longer you stake, the longer that the currency will not be a part of a circulating supply. Therefore, it is more advantageous for both the network and you when staking is set in for a longer term. For you, the Rate of Rewards is higher. For the network, a lower circulating supply means that there is more scarcity which is beneficial.

Once I stake my coins/tokens, can I still use them?

Staking means that you are removing coins/tokens from circulation, therefore the coins are put aside until the end of the term.

Can I rollover at the end of the term?

If the specific Staking Pool is still available at the end of the term, it will be possible for you to roll it over. However, please note that there is a significant possibility the APR will change in the future and that Staking Pools currently available may not be available at that time. Therefore, this option is not guaranteed.

What are the Rates of Rewards I can earn through staking?

Refer to the below chart for all APR rates based on periods staked.

The power of compounding your AXIA Coin (AXC):

Coin Staking TermAnnual Rate of RewardsDaily RewardTotal at End of Term per 1,000 AXC staked
6 months48%0.1314%1,270.01
12 months96%0.2628%2,606.70
18 months144%0.3943%8,741.22
24 months192%0.5257%45,939.30

*All rates represent Annual Percentage Rewards
**Rewards are paid out and compounded daily
***Totals assume no change in value of AXC
****1.00 AXC/USD value used for example purposes only
*****Rate of Rewards are subject to change