Banking Fees

Banking Fees per January 01, 2021
Application and Monthly Fees for AXC

* Account balance must be a minimum of 2,000 USD equivalent held in AXC. 10 USD equivalent fee will apply if below the minimum (non-refundable)

† Account balance must be a minimum of 100 USD equivalent held in AXC

Application and Monthly Fees per Account
Application and Monthly Fees per Non-AXC Digital Currencies
Transaction Fees

* Additional fees and charges may be applied if negative balance exceeds balance in all accounts

Other Service Fees

Card Fees


* Account balance must be a minimum of 5,000 USD equivalent held in AXC. Below the minimum Virtual 10 USD or currency of equivalent value. Below minimum Plastic 50 USD or currency of equivalent value.

Per Account

Custody Fees

Digital Asset Custody


Getting Started

1) What is AXIA Capital Bank?

AXIA Capital Bank is a first-of-its-kind digital and fiat currency financial services platform. It connects members to a wide variety of integrated financial services. AXIA Coin can be utilized as the base currency for all financial transactions to the advantage of all members. AXIA Capital Bank also provides free wallet and custody “vault” storage services to AXIA Coin holders, while seamlessly being able to take advantage of industry-leading financial benefits and rewards.

2) Why choose AXIA Capital Bank?

AXIA Capital Bank gives its members exclusive access to an unprecedented suite of services and rewards, including 12% annual compound interest paid out daily on their AXIA Coin holdings, get rewards at more than 2,000 brand-name stores around the world. Moreover, there is no balance sheet risk. The bank does not use capital on account to make loans, putting deposits at risk. At AXIA Capital Bank members are always in control of their funds at all times and are never exposed to the same risk of traditional banks. AXIA Capital Bank also offers multi-currency fiat accounts and supports warm wallet and cold storage services for additional digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

3) How do I become an AXIA Capital Bank member?

To become an AXIA Capital Bank member, all you need to do is register at www.axicapitalbank.com. You will need to select your account type (Personal or Business) and provide information that will enable AXIA Capital Bank to perform a Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screen on you or your business as part of the account set-up process. Once you’ve been formally onboarded into the Bank, you will have access to everything you will need in order to receive, send or acquire AXIA Coin. AXIA Capital Bank serves global members, except to those individuals who fall in the Restricted Jurisdictions* list.


(*Restricted Jurisdiction includes: (i) any Financial Action Task Force (FATF) high-risk jurisdiction or a FATF jurisdiction with strategic deficiencies; (ii) Cuba; (iii) Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea); (iv) Iran; (v) Syria; (vi) the Crimea region of Ukraine, or (vii) any jurisdiction for which the sale of Tokens or Redeemable Trust Units, or any offer or solicitation in respect of the Tokens or Redeemable Trust Units, would require registration or licensing not obtained by AXIA or otherwise would be unlawful.)

4) Why Am I Being Asked to Register an Account Type?

Upon registering for an AXIA Capital Bank account, new members will be directed to select one of two account options. Each account is customized with features to serve unique needs.

Personal – for personal use and without association to any organization.

Business – for businesses activity and operations.

Once you have selected your account type, you become eligible for a variety of rewards-based features.

5) Once selected, can I change my account type (i.e., from Personal to Business or from Business to Personal)?

Yes, you can. But each account type requires different forms of information to be presented to ensure that you’re onboarded properly. If you have accidentally registered for the wrong type of account and wish to change it, please contact support@axiacapitalbank.com to request assistance.

6) Can I change my AXIA account email once I have created an account?

You cannot change your AXIA account email address because your unique wallet ID is tied to it. However, if you wish to deactivate an account and re-register with a new email address, you can create a new account with the desired registration email and contact customer service to terminate your other account.

7) How do I acquire AXIA Coin?

Acquiring AXIA Coin could not be easier: Simply exchange any form of accepted digital or fiat currency into AXIA Coin using the options available through the AXIA Capital Bank platform online. All transfers into the bank will also be eligible for a limited time bonus amount of 1 USD Account for transfers that exceed $1,000 USD equivalent value in AXC.


1) What is the AXIA Wallet?

The AXIA Wallet is connected to AXIA Capital Bank and is the mechanism through which bank members and broader AXIA Coin users can send and receive AXIA Coin. Furthermore, the AXIA Wallet is the gateway to the AXIA Ecosystem, which allows members to interact with other ecosystem and non-ecosystem wallet AXIA Coin holders. The AXIA Coin wallet connects people, making it possible for individuals, both bank members and AXIA Coin users, to engage with one another inside of an interconnected digital ecosystem.

2) What is a warm wallet?

A warm wallet is what digital currency holders utilize to keep custody of their funds. Warm wallets are connected to the internet, allowing you to transact and exchange money freely and quickly. They are safely guarded with end-to-end encryption to ensure your funds are protected from malicious parties or hackers.

3) What is cold storage?

Cold storage is a way for digital currency holders to keep custody of their funds offline. AXIA Capital Bank offers free cold storage to all of its members on all their AXIA holdings and competitive rates for doing so on other digital and fiat currencies.

Staking Program

1) What is staking?

Staking is the process of delegating a fixed amount of your AXIA Coins out of circulation for a specified length of time. In exchange, you can earn rewards based on the amount you wish to stake and the length of time you choose to stake for.

2) What does APY mean?

Annual percentage yield. The rate that you will receive for staking. For example, if you stake 1000 AXC at an APY of 192% that is compounded daily over 24 months, you have 46,386.03 AXC at the end of the term if there was no movement on price; the original investment, plus the 192% APY you generated through staking.

3) What if there is a change in price in the coin/token?

With AXC, if the value increases relative to USD, then the value of the rewards you accumulated to date increases by the same amount. If the value decreases then you would receive more rewards based on the lower value. With AXC you benefit from the increase in value and receive a hedge against a decrease in value.

4) Are there any benefits to staking outside of the APY?

Yes. By removing your coins from circulation, you provide strength to the network which has the potential to generate greater value.You will also still earn the same amount back even if that currency has increased in value over time. Therefore, there is the potential to receive multiple benefits at the same time.

Furthermore, whenever a coin is added to the pool of AXC staked, an equivalent amount is also taken from the Total Supply to be burned, creating even more scarcity, which provides value for yourself and all others in the ecosystem simultaneously.

5) Why are longer terms more favorable?

The longer you stake, the longer that the currency will not be a part of a circulating supply. Therefore, it is more advantageous for both the network and you when staking is set in for a longer term. For you, the yield is higher. For the network, a lower circulating supply means that there is more scarcity which is beneficial.

6) Once I stake my coins/tokens, can I still use them?

Staking means that you are removing coins/tokens from circulation, therefore, the coins are put aside until the end of the term.

7) Can I rollover at the end of the term?

If a Staking Pool is available at the end of the term it will be possible to rollover into another pool. However, please note the compounding daily rate is not only lower with this strategy, but there is both the possibility the APY will change in the future and there may be no Staking Pool available. Therefore, this option is much less favorable.

8) What returns can I earn through staking?

Refer to the below chart for all APY rates based on periods staked.

The Power of Compounding Your AXIA Coin (AXC)

Coin Staking Term Annual Rate of Rewards Daily Reward Total at End of Term per 100 AXC staked
3 months 15% 0.041% 103.89
4 months 24% 0.066% 108.53
6 months 48% 0.135% 128.18
12 months 96% 0.263% 263.14
18 months 144% 0.395% 863.99
24 months 192% 0.520% 4,580.95


*All rates represent Annual Percentage Yield

**Rewards are paid out daily

***Rewards are compounded daily

****Totals assume no change in value of AXC

*****1.00 AXC/USD value used for example purposes only

******Rate of Rewards are subject to change


1) How does AXIA Capital Bank secure my digital currency funds?

AXIA Capital Bank is partnered with Balance, a security custodian, to provide insured custody on your funds and ensure your money stays safe. Working with Balance, AXIA Capital Bank has implemented a key storage model that incorporates enterprise systems and data encryption to protect members from potential system attacks that could jeopardize their keys. The hardware managing the cold vault is kept offline in bank-grade vaults that are access controlled, monitored, and guarded 24/7. The hardware managing the warm wallets is provided by a cloud infrastructure provider and physically kept in a data center subject to similar protections and restrictions.

2) Who regulates AXIA Capital Bank?

AXIA Capital Bank is a licensed and regulated offshore banking institution, regulated by the Financial Services Unit of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It possesses an offshore banking license and is able to provide global banking services to customers and members around the world. http://fsu.gov.dm/registered-entities/offshore-banks.

Customer Service

1) If I have a banking inquiry, who can I contact?

For inquiries, please visit our help page website and fill in the details of your inquiry or support@axiacapitalbank.com. AXIA Capital Bank support staff will endeavour to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.

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